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[Manly Shout]

2010-05-20 08:51:13 by CalaveraVA

I figure it's probably about time I posted something here. You may have seen SPRITES! recently; if you haven't, go watch Episodes 1 and 2!

SPRITES! Episode 1
SPRITES! Episode 2

My main role in this series is a character that has not shown up yet, but for Episode 2 Roger was in need of a last-stand battle scream. So you'll find my brief contribution so far for the character shown at the bottom.

You can find some more roles I've been in on my Voice Acting History page.

I could discuss some more about recent roles and what not, but I've got to go to work before I head out for the weekend on vacation, so I leave you with the above to find out for yourselves. Enjoy!

[Manly Shout]


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2011-11-09 04:23:56

Man that was so long ago!